Submitted by Stephanie Green of From Steph’s Kitchen

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5 Responses to Stephanie Green: Chicken Prosciutto

  1. [...] Chicken Prosciutto with Mushroom Sauce Recipe 2012Leave a Comment This recipe for Chicken Prosciutto with Mushroom Sauce was submitted by Kat from Generations of Savings in the Main Dish Category in the zuuzs Grand Spring Recipe Challenge! VOTE for this recipe here. [...]

  2. [...] I entered this recipe in the Zuuzs Grand Spring Recipe Challenge.  I hope you all will enjoy this recipe and go vote for it here. [...]

  3. elrod says:

    mmm mm good voted

  4. lexi says:

    looks good im voting for stephanie how bout u

  5. stephsgrn says:

    Thanks for all of your support!!!

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